john luther adams
"One of the most original musical thinkers of the new century." - Alex Ross, The New Yorker
A Glutton for Sound
Van Magazine, 2022
An interview with composer John Luther Adams by Conrad Winslow

David Allen | The New York Times
John Luther Adams, Praying for the Earth in Music

The composer has long been inspired by nature without sending an explicit political message. But his latest work takes on a newly urgent tone.


Ted Gioia | The Honest Broker
The Brilliant Bad Decisions of John Luther Adams

He never finished high school, took demanding work outside of music, moved to a cabin in Alaska, etc. Can you really win a Pulitzer Prize this way? Well, yes. . .


John Luther Adams inspires us not only to listen more attentively, but to be more aware of the world in which we live. This … book … should not only be on the shelves of everyone interested in the music of our time but also anyone interested in being alive. -
Frank J. Oteri
john luther adams
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