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Ilimaq   (2012)
for solo percussionist and electronic sounds.    45:00

Commissioned by University of Texas, Stanford University, the Walker Art Center, and Duke University



Inuksuit (2009)
for nine to ninety-nine percussion.    75:00 – 90:00

Recorded on Cataloupe Music


Always Very Soft (2007)
for percussion trio.    9:00


…and bells remembered… (2005)
for bowed crotales, orchestra bells, chimes, vibraphone and bowed vibraphone.    10:30

Commissioned by the University of Wisconsin –River Falls

Recorded on Mode Records


The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies (2002)
for solo percussion and processed sounds.    65:00

Commissioned by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, WNYC and the Subtropics Festival.

Recorded on Cantaloupe Music

“All noise contains pure tone. And the complex sonorities of percussion instruments conceal choirs of inner voices. In The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies my search is to find and reveal those voices.”  John Luther Adams

“…a massive new canvas… a 69-minute, eight-movement series of sonic environments…” Richard S. Ginell, Los Angeles Times


Qilyaun   (1998)
for four bass drums or bass drum with digital delay.    15:00

Recorded on Cold Blue Music


Strange and Sacred Noise  (1991-97)

six pieces for percussion quartet.    75:00

Recorded on Mode Records

“Percussion here portrays the ‘terrifying event’…” Steven Schick

Strange and Sacred Noise is a masterpiece, not just for percussion music, but for contemporary classical / experimental / avant-garde / whatever-you-want-to-call-it music.” Christian Hertzog Sequenza 21


Sauyatugvik: The Time of Drumming  (1996) version for 2 Pianos, Timpani and 4 Percussion.    11:00

“…a vivid personal vision… an evocation of Eskimo drumming and dancing that verges on the ecstatic…” Peter G. Davis, New York


Three Drum Quartets from Earth and the Great Weather  (1993).    28:00

Recorded on New World Records

“…muscular and sophisticated pieces… based on Inuit dance music… charged with the explosive power of Japanese Taiko drumming…”— The Wire


Five Percussion Quartets from Coyote Builds North America  (1990)    18:00 


Green Corn Dance  (1974)
for percussion ensemble (six players).    7:30