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Everything That Rises   (2017)
for string quartet.    56:00

Commissioned by SFJAZZ for the JACK Quartet


there is no one, not even the wind   (2017)
for flute, alto flute, 2 percussion, piano, violin, viola, ‘cello, and doublebass.    26:00

Co-commissioned by Camerata Pacifica, The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Chamber Music Northwest, Emerald City Music, and Redlands Symphony.


Three High Places (in memory of Gordon Wright) (2007/2017)
version for solo ‘cello. 10:30


Canticles of the Sky   (2015)
for string quartet.    18:00

Commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic for the Calder Quartet


Canticles of the Sky   (2015)
version for ‘cello ensemble (16 parts).    18:00


untouched   (2015)
for string quartet.    24:00

Commissioned by the University of North Carolina for Brooklyn Rider


Across the Distance   (2015)
for horns (in multiples of 8), performing outdoors.    22:30

Commissioned by the East Neuk Festival and the Southbank Centre


Three Canticles of the Birds   (2013)
for piano and percussion.    17:00

Commissioned by Tracy-Lipke Perry and Eugene Koshinski


Dream of the Canyon Wren   (2013)
for string quartet.    7:00

Recorded on Cold Blue Music


Tukiliit (The Stone People Who Live in the Wind)   (2012)

for solo piano.    6:30

Commissioned for Emanuele Arciuli.


The Wind in High Places   (2011)
for string quartet.    16:00

Commissioned by Theodore Front Musical Literature

Recorded on Cold Blue Music


Four Thousand Holes   (2010)
for piano, percussion and electronic sounds.    32:30

Commissioned by Stephen Drury.

Recorded on Cold Blue Music

“It is impressive to imagine anyone actually following such conceptual virtuosity, much less creating the seamless, seemingly organic layers of sound Adams lays out over his structurally precise and infinitely flexible power grids.” — Laurence Vittes, Gramophone


The Light Within   (2007)

for alto flute, bass clarinet, vibraphone/crotales, piano, violin, ‘cello, and electronic sounds.    11:45

Commissioned by the Seattle Chamber Players and the California EAR Unit

“Inspired by James Turrell’s ethereal installation art, Adams’ thick and undulating wall-of-sound approach suggests a musical corollary to Turrell’s sublime manipulations of time, space and color.” — Josef Woodard, The Los Angeles Times

“… the standout work of the festival … a shimmering spectrum of massive, merging harmonies … the textures of noise as our contemporary counterpart to the sublime.” — Thomas May, Seattle Weekly


Nunataks (Solitary Peaks)   (2007)
for solo piano.    7:00

Commissioned by Music Northwest.


Three High Places (in memory of Gordon Wright)   (2007)
for solo violin.    10:30


Dark Waves   (2007)
version for two pianos and electronic sounds.    12:00

Recorded on Cold Blue Music


for Jim (rising)   (2006)
for three trumpets and three trombones.    6:30


Red Arc / Blue Veil   (2002)
for piano, mallet percussion, and processed sounds.    12:00

Commissioned by Ensemble Sirius.

Recorded on Cold Blue Music

“…a shimmering, minimalist, impressionistic landscape of sound: rolling waves from the piano, gentle whooshes from the percussion, augmented by an occasional loud groan from the computer.” — Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Dark Wind   (2001)
for bass clarinet, vibraphone, marimba, piano.    13:15

Commissioned by Marty Walker.

Recorded on Cold Blue Music

“…striking… the deep bass clarinet line weaving in and out of the rolling bass notes of the piano and the vibraphone accompaniment.”  Francois Couture, The All Music Guide

“…a sumptuous ensemble rumble, with thrumming chords from piano and three mallet percussionists.” — Los Angeles Times


The Farthest Place   (2001)
for violin, vibraphone, marimba, piano, doublebass.    11:00

Recorded on Cold Blue Music


The Immeasurable Space of Tones   (1998-2001)
for violin, vibraphone, piano, sustaining keyboard, contrabass instrument.    30:00

Recorded on Cold Blue Music

“…an unbroken, slowly shifting, many-hued sound texture… frequently energized by internal ripples and coruscations… the discipline imposed by the work’s own internal structures has the effect of disclosing, within the sound mass, particular dimensions of power, range and beauty…”  Christopher Ballantine, International Record Review


Among Red Mountains   (2001)

for solo piano.    10:30

Recorded on Cold Blue Music

“It sounded, as its name might imply, like an enormous rock formation turned into sound.” — Greg Sandow, NewMusicBox


The Light That Fills the World (Chamber Version)   (revised 2001)
for violin, vibraphone, marimba, sustaining keyboard, contrabass instrument.    13:00

Commissioned by the Paul Dresher Electric Chamber Ensemble.

Recorded on Cold Blue Music

“…an enormous geography of sound… a wilderness of big sky… the audio analog to a series of floating clouds beside a snowcapped mountain.”  Ben Fleury-Steiner, ei magazine


In a Treeless Place, Only Snow   (1999)

for celesta, harp (or piano), 2 vibraphones, string quartet.    18:00

Commissioned by the Third Angle New Music Ensemble.

“Adams’ music made the unseen visible, like breath exhaled into frosty air, a bodilessness pulsing with life. His rising and falling themes, traded among the strings, built a prayerful melodic arc that stretched out to infinity yet spoke directly to the individual soul.”  Grant Menzies, The Oregonian (Portland)


Make Prayers to the Raven (1996/98)
for flute, violin, harp (or piano), ‘cello, percussion.    16:30


Five Athabascan Dances  (1992/96)
for harp and percussion.    16:00


Five Yup’ik Dances  (1991-94)
for solo harp.    12:00


Strange Birds Passing (1983)
for flute choir (2/3/2/1).    6:30

Recorded on Mode Records


songbirdsongs   (1974-80)
for 2 piccolos and 3 percussion.    ca. 40:00

Recorded on Mode Records

“I’m working as a fire lookout on Aztec Peak in Arizona. Used to work same job on N. Rim of Grand Canyon. Your musical evocation of the hermit thrush, common to both places, moved me to tears.” – Edward Abbey, letter July 1978

“…one of the most sensitive reworkings of birdsong since Messiaen’s.” – Ear Magazine

” …exquisitely gentle evocations of wilderness sounds… songbirdsongs transformed the auditorium into the aural equivalent of some enchanted forest…The effect was musical magic.” – News and Courier/Evening Post (Charleston, S.C.)

“…uncanny…songbirdsongs is a beautiful recording.” — John Schafer, National Public Radio

“…charm and a real feeling for the nature of nature’s music.” — Eric Salzman, Stereo Review

“un monde d’enchantement sonore, vibrant de mystere et de poesie.” – Le Devoir (Montreal)


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