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JLA.John Haines.3

Canticles of the Holy Wind  (2013)
for four choirs and vocal soloists.    75:00

Commissioned by Chamber Choir Kamer and The Crossing Choir

“[A] hypnotic and ethereally beautiful invocation of wind, sky and birdsong … Adams’s “Canticles” seems to achieve a new symbiosis, folding natural sounds into mathematically ordered patterns. The resulting music combines the pristine freshness of nature with the sheltering symmetries of Gothic architecture.” — New York Times


Canticles of the Sky  (2013)
for four choirs (SATB).    18:00


Little Cosmic Dust Poem  (2007)
(poem by John Haines) for voice (medium) and piano.    5:00


Poem of the Forgotten  (2004)
(poem by John Haines) for voice (medium) and piano.    5:00


magic song for one who wishes to live and the dead who climb up to the sky  (1990)
for voice (medium) and piano.    5:00

Commissioned by New Songs


Selections from Forest Without Leaves (1984)
(poems by John Haines)
for vocal soloists (SATB), chorus (SATB) and chamber orchestra.    25:00

Commissioned by the Arctic Chamber Orchestra

Recorded on Owl Recording

“…sensitive, stately, solemn, dramatic… Forest Without Leaves deserves a wider hearing.”— Option

“…Forest Without Leaves is a work which is both moving and coherent, with a message whose time has come.” — Chorus!


Night Peace  (1976)
for antiphonal choirs (SATB), solo soprano, harp, percussion.    15:00

Commissioned by the Atlanta Singers

Recorded on New Albion Records

“…Night Peace is what new choral music is all about.”  John Schaefer, National Public Radio


up into the silence  (1978/84)
(poem by e e cummings)
for voice (medium) and piano.    3:30